LEX, Inc


Tailored Communication

LEX gets your message across by asking a simple question―who’s going to read it?

Before beginning the translation process, we determine whom the client wants to reach. In consultation with the client, we make suggestions regarding the original manuscript as we polish the final translation. In any language, the right expressions change depending on the target audience. Business opportunities cannot be lost in translation.

Native-Speaker Translators, thorough Cross-checking

Translators with in-depth knowledge of the field concerned translate into their native language using the most appropriate expressions. The document is then thoroughly cross-checked to confirm the accuracy of statistics and consistency of terminology

Translation Setup

Translations by native speakers and cross-checking by Japanese ensure the quality of the finished document. LEX also has a process for translating foreign-language material into Japanese that ensures accuracy and quality.

Translation Setup

Delivery Format

LEX delivers finished translation documents as Word files attached to e-mails, but depending on customer needs, other file formats are also possible, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. In addition, LEX uses DTP software, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and QuarkXpress, so we can produce camera-ready copies as well.


Translation rates differ according to content, delivery date, and format. For example, a specialized document for a certain industry would be more expensive than an ordinary business letter, and an extra charge will be added for the quick delivery of an urgent translation. Please ask for an estimate each time when placing an order.