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LEX is a company that takes pride in its translation and creative work.

LEX, which stands for “Liaison Experts,” is an organization of professionals who give shape to communication. Since our establishment, together with native speakers of the languages concerned, we have placed the utmost importance on conveying the client’s message accurately. Our mission is to facilitate communication with value.

How LEX can help you
  • Translation


    LEX's forte is translation, and numerous clients continually rely on us to produce high-quality, nuanced and targeted translations. Our native speakers translate with an emphasis on fine shades of meaning so that your message is conveyed in the most effective way possible.

  • Production of Corporate PR and Sales Promotion Tools

    Production of Corporate PR and Sales Promotion Tools

    Our multi-language staff can produce essential marketing tools for Japan in various media, including print, web and video. We have a prolific track record in the production of company brochures, annual reports, CSR and environmental reports, sales promotion pamphlets, and materials for exhibitions, seminars, international conferences, and other events.

  • Branding


    Through tie-ups with established specialist companies, LEX is enhancing its services to better meet client needs. We can help you formulate concepts to maximize your corporate brand and message, as well as strategize for your company's optimal creative, career, and human resources development.

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