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PR and Sales Promotion Tools

PR and Sales Promotion Tools

Lost in translation? Not if it’s LEX.
Your message is crystal clear, with top-notch design.

Clarity is essential to communication―how can you get your message across effectively and stand out amid the crowd? This is especially true when it comes to an international audience. Poor word choice can give the wrong nuance. In design, font choice is also a major factor. Readers with different cultural backgrounds could get a completely different impression than that intended. At LEX, we ensure your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

Production of Corporate PR and Sales Promotion Tools

LEX plans and produces the most suitable tools for your PR and event planning and implementation. We produce wide range of PR tools for your marketing needs in Japan, including brochures, newsletters, posters, flyers, and press kits, in addition to annual reports and other IR tools.

PR for Japanese Government and International Organizations

LEX is committed to getting Japan’s message across clearly. We produce numerous tools for Japanese government ministries that are essential for policy information and general PR. We are also actively working to strengthen Japan’s presence in international organizations and support the promotion of mutual understanding through the production of a range of business and cultural exchange vehicles.

Web Production

From foreign-language site production to CMS building, LEX offers you the best localization support for the Japanese market.

Whether it’s attracting more viewers, image enhancement or streamlining the update process, LEX can provide the right solutions to meet all your online needs. We ascertain what the client is looking for, what the users will be looking for, and propose an optimal, customized website design.

Japanese-Language Homepage Production

LEX provides total solutions in the production of user-friendly sites, from copywriting and design to usability. We have extensive experience in the production of English sites for Japanese firms as well as Japanese sites for companies considering entering the Japanese market. LEX also offers website production in Chinese, Korean, and other languages

Customized CMS Construction, Business Blog Production

More and more companies have been introducing a CMS (contents management system), but many others are concerned about difficulty of use and what a CMS blog would mean for their image. LEX eliminates these worries by constructing a CMS that meets the client’s design needs. Clients don’t need to know HTML and don’t need web design software. It’s as simple as dropping text and images into a template on your web browser and pressing the update button. New articles can be posted on the website’s News page, and the What’s New section is automatically updated. Unlike ordinary CMS packages, we customize our specially developed system to match client needs. The low-cost yet original design makes building your website as easy as blogging itself.